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Beaverhead River Fishing Report


Beaverhead River Spring Special

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Beaverhead River is one of the tailwaters in the state that remains ice free this time of year. The river is a bit off color today around Dillon. Clark canyon is 88% full right now and we haven't even had any snowmelt entering the reservoir. This is all good news for the fishing season on the Beaverhead. Winter releases from clark canyon have also been better this year, which keeps the fish healthy. Remember if you are going to fish the Beaverhead that you must remain from Pipe Organ Bridge downstream until the 3rd Saturday of May. The upper river is closed to protect the rainbows while they spawn. It is mainly nymphing right now on the Beaverhead with midge patters, worms, and slow moving deep streamers. 

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Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Clark Canyon Outflow is currently 435 cfs. the Beaverhead is running at a nice flow but you will have floating and submerged moss on the upper end of the river. From the dam down to high bridge is difficult to fish subsurface due to the moss. The lower stretches of the beaverhead are fishing very well on hoppers. We have done well below Henneberry and Grasshopper creek on the terrestrials. Ants, hoppers and some caddis are hatching on the beaverhead. Clarity has remained good on the beaverhead. 

Recommended Flies: #18 Zebra Midge; #16 Psycho Mayfly; #18 Green Machine #18 Psycho Mayfly black; #10 Panty Dropper Hopper; #8 Romans Hopper; #10 Fat Albert; #4 Smokin' Mirrors; #6 J.J. Special 

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Beaverhead is fishing very well. The water temperatures have warmed up, which has created more bug activity. We have PMD's and Caddis hatching right now on the Beaverhead. The flow out of the dam is 309 cfs. PMD dry fly fishing should be  starting any day now. Our Beaverhead River guides have been doing best nymphing and some streamer fishing on the overcast days. 

Robert Harp with an excellent Beaverhead Rainbow 

Recommended Flies: #18 Split Back PMD; #18 Pheasant Tail; #18 Barr's Emerger; #18 Soft Hackle Sow Bug; #4 Sculpzilla; #4 Smokin Mirrors Black

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Saturday, June 03, 2017

We are lucky to have the Beaverhead River in our backyard. Unlike the Big Hole, the Beaverhead is running clear below the dam. The tough part is that the river is rising daily. Once they stop raising the flows out of the reservoir and stabilize the river it will fish more consistently. We have been guiding on it daily and some days have been better then others. Today the outflow is 494 cfs, which is a great floating lever. We have done well on nymphs and streamers. 

Recommended Flies: #18 Ray Charles; #16 Scud Tan; #18 Zebra Midge; #12 San Juan Worm; #18 Sow Bug Tan/Pink; #18 Micro Mayfly #18 Split Back PMD

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Beaverhead River fishing report from out guides have been nothing but great lately. The hatches have finally started to get the fish looking up. You will find hatches of PMD's and Sallies during the day and Caddis in the evenings. The flows are high right now on the Beaverhead, which will make for tough wading right now but great drift boat fishing. We have had good dry fly fishing in the slick and good dry fly fishing below high bridge and down to Grasshopper boat ramp. You will not find solitude on the Beaverhead right now but don't worry their are plenty of fish for everyone on the Beaverhead. 

Flies: #14 Rollin' Stone Sally; #18 Comparadun; #16 Rusty Spinner #16 Stimulator Yellow; #16 CDC PMD;#18 Split Back PMD Olive/Brown; #18 Pheasant Tail; #18 psycho Mayfly; #18 Mustang Sally; #18 Kyle's Sally; #18 Captive Dun 

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Sunday, June 28, 2015

Flows are up on the Beaverhead and the fish are liking it. The water coming out of Clark Canyon is cold and clean right now. We are finding the start of the PMD hatch. You will find fish up and eating in the slick. Nymphing has been dynamite. Fish are eating a variety of PMD nymphs, and yellow Sallies. Wade fishing is a tough prospect right now. It will help to be in a boat to get to each hole. Our Beayerhead River Guides have had stellar fishing on the Beaverhead River and it should stay consistent for awhile. 

Flies: #18 Split Back PMD #18 Kyle's Yellow Sally #18 Mustang Sally #16 Ray Charles Soft Hackle, #16 Tan Scud, #18 RS2, #16 Sow Bug Tan/Pink, #18 Olive Split Back, #10 San Juan Worm, #18 Barr's Emerger #16 RS2 

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Beaverhead River has been fishing well. Outflows from Clark Canyon Reservoir remain low. The outflow is currently 243cfs. You will have easy wade fishing right now on the upper Beaverhead. Nymph fishing has been the main recipe for flies. The Beaverhead River is running clear down to where Grasshopper Creek dumps into the River. 

Flies #16 Ray Charles Soft Hackle, #16 Tan Scud, #18 RS2, #16 Sow Bug Tan/Pink, #18 Olive Split Back, #10 San Juan Worm, #18 Barrs Emerger #16 RS2 

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Saturday, May 16, 2015

Well, it's opening day today on the upper Beaverhead River. The reservoir outflow is only 278cfs out of Clark Canyon Reservoir. Wade fishing is very easy right now on the upper Beaverhead. You will need your sow bug/scud box and midge larva box. You will not find much for dry fly fishing on the upper river. Midge patterns of choice have been #16 Zebra Midge in red or black. Clark canyon creek is dumping mud into the river just above High Bridge. If you have some clarity below High Bridge San Juan worms will work well. Small wooly buggers will take some fish below High Bridge. Our Beaverhead River guides will be on the river during the middle of the week. 

Flies #16 Ray Charles Soft Hackle, #16 Tan Scud, #18 RS2, #16 Sow Bug Tan/Pink, #18 Olive Split Back, #10 San Juan Worm, 

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Monday, March 02, 2015

March is here and it is time to get your 2015 fishing license.  Don't get fooled just yet that spring is here. We have a winer storm warning tonight and sub zero temperatures are to follow the snow storm. The tailwater quality of the Beaverhead still makes it a great winter fishery.  Remember that the Beaverhead is closed from the Dam down to Pipe Organ Bridge. It remains closed until the 3rd Saturday of May. Wading below Pipe Organ Bridge has been good with Scuds, Sow Bugs, and Zebra Midges. Some days fish have been up eating midges on the surface.  Warmer weather awaits us at the end of the week and Beaverhead River Spring fishing is around the corner.  

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Beaverhead River Montana Fishing Report

Info Sunrise Fly Shop - Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishing has been tough on the Beaverhead.  The reservoir turned over and the river is off color.  The flows are also dropping since the reservoir is only 36% full.  We have had ok trico and PMD spinner fishing in the slick.  Once you get below high bridge the hatches are bleak.  If you are willing to wade fish the runs and keep changing flies you will get some nice fish to eat.  We are keeping a close eye on the river and once it clears up our guides will be on it.  Dave Shevokas caught this beautiful Beaverhead Rainbow the other day below High Bridge.