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Fish with the best Big Hole and Beaverhead River Fly Fishing Guides

An essential aspect of an enjoyable guided fly fishing trip is the guide. A friendly, experienced, knowledgeable guide can be the difference between a mediocre fishing day on the water, and an epic one.  The guide staff at the Sunrise Fly Shop is the best in Southwest Montana, and every member of the guide staff is dedicated in making every day fishing on theBig Hole and Beaverhead Rivers a phenomenal one.

Chuck Page - Chuck has been guiding fly fishers on the Big Hole River in Southwest Montana for over 25 years and has over 15 years of guiding experience for the Sunrise Fly Shop. Chuck is a true sportsman who has impeccable dedication to the art of fly fishing. You will not find a more knowledgeable or personable guide on the Big Hole. If catching big trout on dries is what excites you, keep Chuck in mind, he is a dry fly fishing fanatic.

Eric Thorson - As one of the owners of the Sunrise Fly Shop, Eric is dedicated to ensuring that each day on the river is a memorable fly fishing experience for everyone involved.  Not only is Eric a seasoned fly fisherman and guide, but he also has a degree in Wildlife Biology and is eager to share his knowledge of both Montana Rivers and Wildlife.  When the trout season comes to an end in Montana, Eric heads south for the winter.  Eric divides his winter vacation between chasing rooster fish in Loreto, BCS and stalking giant brown trout in Patagonia.

Ryan Barba - Ryan is one of the owners of the Sunrise Fly Shop.  Having spent that last ten years as a fly fishing guide in Montana and Colorado, Ryan has a vast knowledge of the Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers and the trout of the Rocky Mountains.  You will find Ryan to be easy going and an exceptional communicator. He has a true dedication to the rivers and will show you an enjoyable time while in Southwest Montana.

Scott Wilson – Scott grew up on the Yakima River in Ellensburg Washington fly fishing and playing baseball. After graduating from Lewis-Clark State College with a degree in Kinesiology, Scott was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Scott was forced split his time between his two passions, playing catcher and catching trout. Now Scott spends his summers guiding on the Big Hole River in Montana, and in the fall and winter can be found all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska guiding for trout and steelhead.  Scott is one of the nicest, funniest, and most talented fly fishing anglers you may ever have the pleasure of spending a day with on the Big Hole or Beaverhead.  As if all of that wasn't enough, Scott is also a fly designer for Montana Fly Company.

Chris “Roman” Romankiewicz - Chris has a strong affinity for time spent on the water. With 26 years of fly fishing experience. Chris has chased off and in-shore species in New England, hunted monster rainbows in Alaska, and searches the rivers of western Montana for the one named “bubba.” Chris has lived in Montana for over 10 years and had the opportunity to spend countless days fly fishing the rivers here. This time on the water has allowed him to gain a strong connection with what he considers to be the best trout fishing in Montana - the Melrose area. As a fly fishing guide for over 13 years, Chris satisfies clients with his dedication to fulfilling their quest for another fish and showing them a great time. Chris is an expert on fly fishing tailwater fisheries and spring creeks, but his real passion is tossing junk for browns on the Big Hole. He has an incredible ability to teach both beginner and expert fly anglers and his positive attitude can turn any day of fishing into an epic adventure.

Cale VanVelkinburgh - Cale was supposed to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or take over his father’s ski shops in Colorado, but became a squashy fish bum instead.  In fact, his father wanted to make him the next Tiger Woods, starting golf lessons at age seven, which Cale promptly ditched, sneaking off with his foam grip South Bend fly rod to catch miniature Brook trout out of Ten Mile creek.  After his third absence from the lessons, the golf pro called Cale’s father, and Cale received a whomping.  “It was a good hurt ya know, kinda made the whole fly fishing thing that much more intriguing”.  Cale says recalling the story. He began guiding in 1996 in Colorado, and now resides and guides in Montana.  He has traded a fair number of girlfriends for days on the water and believes one of these disgruntled maidens has cursed him with a receding hair line, which burns routinely in the summer. Hands Down, Cale is one of the most entertaining guys you will ever meet. We almost forgot, he is an exceptional fly fishing guide too!

Rick Rossi - Rick has been guiding for the Sunrise Fly Shop since 1997.  As the head of the Math Department at Montana Tech in Butte, he is not only a great fly fishing guide but has the true demeanor of a teacher.  With his vast knowledge of fly fishing the Big Hole River and a great sense of humor, you will enjoy every outing on the river with Rick.